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Diwans are synonymous to couch in Indian household. A small single bed kind piece of furniture originated in Persia, provides a cozy corner to relax. A diwan should ideally be placed in the living room or the foyer area. It can be placed in the corner of the room against a wall. According to vastu, furniture should ideally be placed in the south or west direction. Brighten up your living room with our cotton diwan sets in bright colours and 100% cotton. Our online cotton diwan sets comes with cushion and bolsters cover to pep up the overall look. It is important to choose a diwan set that aligns with the style of the room to complete an aesthetic look. Our diwan sets comes in in solid bold colours as well as printed sets. While solid diwan sets have understated elegance and makes your space looks bigger ,Prints and Patterns always make everything better . What more? You can buy both solid and prints in different colours and color block your diwan set and brighten up your living room. Beautiful and amicable pieces have been created by our designers to impress our audience from all over the world. The price range offered is also very affordable and appropriate.

We believe in quality over quantity hence our diwan sets are 100% cotton yet comfortable and luxurious. Buy these Diwan Sets or diwan bed sheet sets online at discounted prices only at shayanhome.in. Buy now and envy your peers. You can explore our range of diwan sets and grab them through shayan home’s online store at heavy discounts. Shayan home products are available at best prices with best quality every time.