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Ac Quilts and Bedspread Sets

Buy range of our beautiful quilted bedspread online. At shayan, we aim to provide more than simply products; we want to help you live a better life. Our luxury bed cover sets come in three or five pieces and are not only beautiful to look at, but they also complement your bedroom interiors. Our bedcover sets are designed for the modern upscale look and are composed of 100 percent pure cotton. These quilted bedspread cum bedcover set can also be used as AC quilt and blanket, just use a coordinated bedsheet from vast range of our bedsheets collection and voila you have a complete bedding set. What more you can ask for at these amazing prices. You can also purchase from our other range of AC quilts online, that provide the perfect coziness and warmth in the chill of AC.

We also have our handloom range 100% cotton bedcovers, that are thicker than your regular bedsheets, are anti-skid and looks so caique and pretty in your bedroom. These bed covers come in a variety of stylish solid colours as well as beautiful printed flower and geometric floral patterns. Pink, yellow beige, silver, royal blue, red, grey, and white are just a few of the colours available. These bed covers will immediately blow your mind. shayan is your one stop destination to find perfect bedding set online and Ac quilts online. For personal usage, you will notice a significant difference because Shayan only uses the highest quality yarn available. We finish the product and ensure that it has a superfine feel before sending it to you. Your home is definitely waiting for a delivery from us because at Shayan you feel the next level.

Buy Our Winter Comforter Online

Allow the enchanting aura of blankets and dohars to pervade all of your beds. You may buy king size comforters in a variety of designs, both symmetrical and abstract, for your master bedroom. Our winter comforter with GSM poly filling the traps the heat and keep you warm. We also have cotton filling AC comforter ideal for summers in AC room. For super warm feeling Buy our king size velvet comforter online in brightest of colour or our super warm cotton outer layer comforter which are also ideal for north India winters, Whether you're looking for bed comforters, pillow covers, tablecloths, mats, or carpets, shayan home has everything you need. You can take your time looking through products from your favourite brands in the comfort of your own home.